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Choosing le Marche

A successful slogan to promote tourism in our region of the Marche said: "Italy in one region". It's really so: beautiful mountain parks like the Monti Sibillini (with an impressive top, Monte Vettore, who seems to have come from the Dolomites) coexist with beautiful marine parks, such as the Conero. Cities such as Urbino, unique historical centers in Italy Ascoli Piceno sit between stunning hilly landscapes. Landscapes sometimes harsh, often sweet, molded by the wisdom and the simple joy of a people who had always lived in these villages and these farms dotting every view.
The Marche, a charming region in the centre of Italy with stunningly beautiful landscape and picturesque medieval cities rich in art and history, is an excellent alternative to the overcrowded and more expensive neighbour regions Toscana and Umbria. Especially the southern part of the Marche and the region around the medieval city of Fermo is still unspoilt by mass tourism and full of charm as described in 1913 by Edward Hutton(*);

“ The little city with its curious acropolis so wonderfully lifted up above its neighbours is the queen of all this country, noble, lovely and graceful, a worthy sister of Siena and Perugia, a place hard to reach if you will, but far harder to leave, so strangly does it capture all who come to it."

*The Cities of Romagna and the Marches, London 1913.