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The buying process in Italy can have its complications and the technical aspects of the property buying process are not always as straightforward as in the northern European countries.
We will assist our customers in all these aspects 

Following services are provided:

-A detailed discussion of your requirements in terms of budget, kind of house searched for, location of the property etc.. in order to find the most suitable property and subsequent accompanied viewing of the houses selected.

-Assistance and advice through all of the purchase process from the signing of the “compromesso” till the property transfer act (“rogito”).

-Regular updates of how your purchase proceeds until the property transfer.

Additional services not included in the regular fee and billed for separately:
-Arranging for technical consultancy on the property proposed, on any restoration works required and also the following up of the restoration works, introduction to local builders, materials suppliers, furniture suppliers.
-Arranging for any maps of the property proposed.
-Arranging for full English, Dutch or German translation of documents.