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Immobiliare Puzielli was founded by the ancestor Michele Puzielli in 1980 in Fermo, in the Marche region, and is thus preparing to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Moved to his sons Massimo and Emilio, it is now managed and administered by Michele Puzielli Jr., grandson of the founder and third generation of the Puzielli family to head the agency.


Marche Estate Agency was created as a spin-off of the parent agency focused on buying and selling farmhouses and villas in the wonderful Marche countryside in order to offer a more targeted service to its customers with particular attention to foreign customers.


Our Vision

The Immobiliare Puzielli Group - Marche Estate Agency is synonymous with reliability and professionalism. Thanks to a unique knowledge of the real estate market and its reputation, we place ourselves as the reference point for those who want to buy a property in the Marche region and in particular in that which, since the year 983 dc, was the Marca Fermana, today referable to the provinces of Fermo, Macerata and Ascoli Piceno.


Following the path traced by the founders, our agency now stands as a reliable partner of its customers, offering the necessary support on site from the time of purchase until the possible renovation and the complete reorganization of the property. Immobiliare Puzielli and Marche Estate Agency make use of the contribution of the best professionals selected in years of activity in the legal (lawyers and notaries), technical (architects and surveyors) and construction (construction companies and green design).


Our Passion

Thanks to the trusted network of collaborators, our expertise and reliability, we want to accompany our customers from the first exploratory visit until the moment they enter their new home.


Driven by a deep love for the beauty of our land, rich in 2,000 years of history and paradigm of the excellent quality of life of the quiet Italian province, we want to provide our customers with the necessary contribution to the realization of the dream of a new home in the Marche.



The staff

Michele Puzielli - Owner of the agency and manager of acquisitions

Emilio Puzielli - Sales manager

Andrea Marziali - Organizational manager and social media manager

Minnucci Giovanna - Responsible for the Scandinavian countries